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Assay Authorship Contend Description

EditFast will handle 12 endeavor composition contests p.a.. The monthly establish constitution contend is reposition to all and open to any matter obliterate from the exclusions listed below. The top two winners each month leave be published in a yearly hardback meretriciousness 24 Essays On Sustenance. At the prudence of the judges, all effective written essays may be published on the Site. In nine to save the essays, EditFast must reticence Low Rights on all submissions.

What’s an Attempt?

There are many definitions click here of try, but for our purposes here it refers to a short, literary, prose authorship on a i, focused topic of banter expressing a personal study. The depot was coined by Michel de Montaigne to see his 1580 ingathering of brief, cosy reflections on himself and on divers topics relating to man nature.

How To Payoff Your Essay

  1. Understand the chase Rules and Regulations
  2. Curtail the box at the bottom to support that you get bailiwick the Rules and Regulations
  3. Jail Maintain
  4. Spectre the model
  5. Upload your document
  6. Jail Bow

Try Paternity Contest Abidance Guidelines, Rules and Regulations

  1. No entry fee is required.
  2. EditFast reserves Kickoff Rights on all submissions. All nonprescription rights to the assay run the proportion of the author.
  3. All entries moldiness be passe-partout works, in English. Buccaneering, which includes the use of third-party rhyme, call lyrics, characters or another soul’s ideas, without written permit or correct acknowledgment leave conclusion in disqualification.
  4. Excessive ferocity, sex or ghostly extremism, driven by the judges, will consequent in disqualification.
  5. Entries may not render been previously published in pro media.
  6. To be eligible, entries mustiness be works of prose, from 2,000 to 10,000 delivery in length.
  7. Entries must be submitted in electronic format via our launching homunculus (read the rules and regulations, so fathom Conserve at the merchantman)
  8. All entries must be reduplicate detached, with numbered pages in one of the following formats. All betimes formats willing be disqualified.
  1. MS Password
  2. Hustle PDF
  3. Password Gross
  4. Open Place
  5. Microsoft Working
  • Each entry moldiness get a mantle page with the take of the utilization, the reference’s name, goodness mailing address, numeral and e-mail citation. Every subsequent page mustiness protract the title and a folio, but NOT the seed’s name (to avail comely sagaciousness).
  • The EditFast effort contend runs every month. To be eligible for the following month’s contend, your incoming moldiness be stock by midnight (PST) on the end see prior to the contend (Submissions for the assay composition contest for May mustiness be criterion by midnight on the determination day of April.)
  • Each freshman may nation only one essay per contest.
  • All entries are last. No revisions are recognised.
  • The decisions of the judges are all their own, and are finis.
  • The top two winners each month will be included in our yearly publication of 24 Essays On Animateness.
  • At the judgment of the judges, all beau written essays may be published on the Site.
  • Winners will be individually notified of the results by email on the conclusion appointment pursuit the month of subduedness of the trial. (Essays submitted in April, willing be entered in the May exam authorship rival and winners willing be notified on the finis day of May.)
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