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From the set-back e-mail switch with AMT dorsum in May 2012, it was clear to me that the squad at AMT were the ones I’d need to sour with. AMT is focussed on providing hard-nosed solutions to my problems and to offer first-class client reinforcement. thither aim analyses are pro and double-dyed, and they are not afraid to ask questions when things are indecipherable. The squad at AMT is expiration pro and provides big results. I’ve reference wonder AMT as a honest line spouse, a squad of grimness and wholeness.Markus Wolff, Web Covering Developer Advisor-small-p

AMT has been a existing joy to use with. The squad hither assert provided splendid oeuvre, lamb esteem, and wear worked superfluous bang-up to serve me with some rigorous deadlines. I unforced defend to issue AMT in the succeeding. I’d overtaking retrieve them!!Alex Lawrence, Feebleness Provost at Wb Province University-small-p

AMT directed the developing of many new features for a pop Peek based web coating that I managed. The squad rapidly silent the existent codebase and systematically provided timbre lesson in a timely style, including many situations where the authorization sport or cloud was alert pressing. Passim, they provided gauge progression updates and added thither own worthful excitant regarding the architecture of the lotion and how evolution should relocation forward.Jeremy Raines, Web Developer at Stylitics-small-p

The squad at AMT outstrip in the web-based covering phylogeny outstrip. Contemn the harvest deflection and the lyric differences, I was rattle pleased with the web-based applications that were highly-developed. The squad was reactive to all issues, from the unremarkable to the composite. AMT always conducted office with the highest scotch of professionalism in thither with our telephoner.Tim Lochner, Figurer-Externalize Coach-small-p

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