Why a Husky Dane Club?

Hej och välkommen. tycker du att denna sajt/blogg varit lite misskött på senare tid? Inget att förundras över. Någon som vill ta över som webmaster? Skicka i så fall mejl till stefan@vattern.se.

Do you own or do you plan to buy a Husky Dane or Ömo 850?

Those of us who do it are quite a few, och varför http://hookuphangout.com/casual-dating/ inte lära känna varandra lite mer, exchange experiences, stories of our boats, advise on improvements and maintenance, etc.?

The idea seems to be pretty good given that we already 19 pieces published pictures and some other information on our boats. Already now we can say that the idea of ​​starting a Swedish Husky Dane club was not one hundred percent. We has already received two grants from other countries: Norway and Austria. So now it becomes Husky Dane Club.

You will find that this part for the first time, contact me at stefan@kanalcharter.se or register direct and write a comment. So far, we have not formalized any club or association in a legal sense. First, we exchange experiences through this site / blog with stories and pictures. We may automatically also a record of Husky Dane and Omo 850 in the world.

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