The next foreign grants

Halais, Norway

Balu, Austria







It's probably already time to rename our “club”. “Swedish” sounds a bit wrong when we have been interested in HD owners from both Austria, Alexander Bruha with “Balu” och Norge, Torestein Omdal med Halais.

Proposal? Only Husky Dane Club or “European Husky Dane Association”… 🙂

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One thought on “The next foreign grants

  1. Hello
    Acrobat is a French flag hd85
    there is also an in Brittany
    and I see that several are in northern europe
    (suede gained marks Norvege )
    but I know that there are also in Germany and Austria and even in new zealand
    c is searching through sales pages that I have discovered !!!!
    I would suggest : dane husky club

    Yann Bouteiller (Acrobat)

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