Adina II

“Adina II” – hull no 36 manufactured in 1978, purchased by Andrzej Idzikowski 2010.

Port Gustavsvik, Salt-Boo.

It is now 2;a säsången with Adina II and we know that Husky Dane is right for us!
We have previously held a number of sniper and later before Adina, we had a Finnsailer 29 motor sailer.
Since we did not sail as much and the dog became more hit we even changed the spring 2010.
Much of Adina's original late -78, motorn a Ford 2712 do it properly and have taken us down to blah Harstena Thu without fuss, fairly dense and select only a little turf. draws barely liter / distance, but then we tend to not be on more than 15-1700 lap.
The first fall of the country started with a flying start, the bottenventiler, Hoses and hose clamps were replaced ( most original late -78..) New sweet and salt water pumps New electric toilet, hold tank deck drainage, tömmningspump and ditto hoses, numerous lacerations was!
Winter and spring big job was the change of deck hatch in the aft cabin…
What I feared and hoped to avoid was the extensive moisture damage in the roof, which I think many have had or are considering the bad design of the attachment of the pushpit and door, träskuv Ner i sandwiches.
I got cut off large parts of the roof from inside, remove any rotten wood and then set sometimes dehumidifiers and heaters for a few months.
Then we built it all up again, but this time I chose not to wrap the new wood, except the edges as I did, and plastered up with polyester filler to get a stummt basis for bolts.
Since healing was isolated and the roof with Armaflex and finally dressed with factory varnished pine paneling.
The walls were isolated and although they were covered with teak panels.
All this stuff work grows as you probably have noticed, once you start, it's just to run, tear a little bit more, connect this, fry in spits where , yes you know what I mean.
It was actually a pair of self-constructed davits also before deployment!
For this winter's plans are to get a decent windlass solution, likely we are to laminate again the aft windows which I think is a concern for both davits and capstan, so if anyone has any good experiences on this and they will be gratefully received!
// Andrew

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  1. Hej Andrzej!
    Our Husky we bought in Slovenia and took home to Kungsbacka for Christmas 2010. Year 1978 by name “Daisy”. The following are so far:

    Hull Isolation of surface area in the aft o the forward part.
    Painting of all roofs in the boat and walls in the salon.
    New kitchenette
    New in the toilet with septic tank, water systems, etc..
    Isolation of the original hot water cylinder o installation of new .
    Isolation of the engine compartment with mat o slotted Al plate.
    And much more.

    To your question : Why not mount unbreakable Makrolon discs outside of the windows in the stern. Light can not get enough of and to laminate again is a huge job.
    Lennart Lundin 0709 640473

    • Hej Andrzej! After checked and measured and ombestämt me half the winter so it was a band windlass that has worked well in 10 year. It takes a little space inside and does not interfere much on the outside. Please send pictures. //Kent

      • Hi
        Är en nybliven ägare av en HD och tänkte montera ankarespel. Är mest förtjust i bandspel och läste att du installerat det. Har du några bilder att skicka på din montering?

  2. Hi Lennart,
    My problem with the transom is that it is failing precariously above the rear windows since I mounted davits, so this summer I have to strengthen the 6 mm RF plate above the boxes, but it does not feel like the most elegant solution just.
    Since we mostly use the aft cabin to sleep in, it will probably side windows and the hatch cover of smoke makrorlon to provide sufficient light.
    If I am to get to it with a windlass outside, I have yet to see any variation that will not cover the window, if only the anchor box.
    The variant that Moby Dick is looking really good but then, they have the low integrated swim platform that appears to give c;a 20 cm extra mounting height.
    There may be a band windlass with a high-mounted switch roller or similar. // Andrew

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