CHEROMA, Husky Dane owned by Tommy Thompson and his wife then 1995 the home port Almösund in Tjörn, where even Moby Dick was a year.
The boat is made of BAESS BOATS Mfr. number KLB00016 0577H
According to the first owner's boat testing boat for Båtnytt 1978 and called the towers on the lake. Lars Uhr was the first owner when she went under the name "Miss Uhr". Below pictures of the preparations for the absorption 2011.

Some comments from Mattson's as admin copied over here:
Hey, it was Tommy on Cheroma again, I forgot one thing when I bought Cheroma as I named it, was her name Lazy Lady from Karlstad.
Heat växlarn was totally out of, and I began kontrolera some things.
One discovery was that there was a gas alarm earlier, but the cable was cut off.
I got in touch with Patriksson Diesel Service and he mounted Temperature censors on the machine and then we went out and drove.
And the gist of it all was to make the exhaust more, so it was switching to a heat exchanger connected to the exhaust loaf and a new hose, etc..
There was more power at lower revolutions. And when I asked if I built the bridge, there were only 90 degrees on the exhaust bends to buy the exhaust pipe must be placed on the side of the aft cabin, so it had to be one's own production of 45 grader, it was good but tight on space in the bunk in the aft.
Commenting on the, We also had a Finnsailer 29 before Huskyn it is fun for both boats, there are not many of.

We and the former owner of MOBY DICK was based on the boats at the same time and my experience is about 20% better off / Economy.
Cheroma do at 1800rpm 7,5 knots and about 5 – 6 liter / hours.
I think that the shape remains.

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