Our boat is called “Daisy” and is located in the Asa, just south of Gothenburg.

We sold our sailboat last year and this Husky Dane -78 purchased in
Slovenia and was taken home by Special Vehicles for almost a year ago. We have had
with a lot of modifications, such as isolation, the entire hull, painted everywhere,
updated galley, toa mm.
The engine is original Ford and is very nice. The propeller is a four-blade and the rudder
enlarged and has a skeg under. The railing along the sides are raised about 15 cm
by the tubes were cut in half and out was succeeded longer / thicker tubes
was secured.

Work is continuing including new electricity. We are very pleased – a perfect boat for
internal waters O channels.

The following are so far:

Hull Isolation of surface area in the aft o the forward part.
Painting of all roofs in the boat and walls in the salon.
New kitchenette
New in the toilet with septic tank, water systems, etc..
Isolation of the original hot water cylinder o installation of new .
Isolation of the engine compartment with mat o slotted Al plate.
And much more.

Lennart and Eva-Lena Lundin

Asa Bäckväg 67, 439 54 Asa
0340-655707 0709 640473

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  1. Now the boat is in the grounds of Asa, just south of Gothenburg. Renovation is up again.
    Replacement of all table bushings with new ball valves, etc., and move again o plastic solutions. The electrical system is really trouble with a host of unnecessary o non-labeled cables – This is about to change. Thought replace sunroof over the salon into a modern Lewmar hatch with rim. Is a problem because the ceiling is abnormally thick o double. No particular desire to make a special frame.
    The starter battery is in the original incredibly stupid to – virtually inaccessible as it gets moving aft. Aft under the berths, I have placed the 150 kg of lead, so now flowing rain water from the foredeck. As the boat came from a country with only sun and no rain (Slovenia) so we find this leak from above everywhere. Now everything is screwed externally unloaded and sealed with new sealant. Next on the program is to review the hydraulic leaks in both pumps and associated gaps in the upper wheel. A few tips?
    Lennart Lundin with Daisy in Asa 0709 640473

  2. Hi Lennart!
    It was alts not just me who has had probem with standing water on the foredeck. Loaded actually 220 kg of lead in the same places that you have made. Was clearly better but not perfect. I have replaced the rusting black metal tanks in slightly less (2*137the) ditto in plastic and so does the amount of diesel for every decreases, the boat is slightly front-heavy. Tell us where you plan to move your battery bank, may be something for me too to get more weight aft.
    Good luck with your winter projects, it's usually not a lack of jobs when you have an older boat that you want to Hey in good condition.
    Olle; Moby Dick

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