Large Husky

Bullandö Marina. A bit odd Husky Dane. As it is extended retrospectively. We are interested to know more.

One thought on “Large Husky

  1. Hi,

    Gets a little touched when I see my OMO as I worked and worked with 1975-79 to extend and build more or less clear.
    Bought a hull from Leksand and went downstairs to make the molds extension details to aft deck, SB and BB Laring, and bottom.
    Then I cut down the thickness of the joints and wrapped extra reinforcements on the inside to get a natural form.
    My family and I were out in the boat for a few years and low according. logbook that I still have the whole 31 nights during the summer time in Umeå.
    Beautiful Times!
    But where is the boat now? I have sought it for years and now have a small Shetland 570 and living in Solna.

    I would love to see the boat in real life as in the pictures looks to be much finer than in my time.

    Mvh Henrik J

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