The first foreign contribution

Things happen in Husky Dane-world even in winter. We have received the first reaction from abroad… Perhaps thanks to this handy WordPress supplement Transposh that translate the page to the language, although with varying quality, but still. Google Translate is just a program written by people…

Alex writes:
Today I accidentally found this page.
I myself have 2 Years, a Husky Dane 85 walk and ride on the Austrian Danube.
Always search for tips and good ideas.
Have been much altered / repaired.
'm Just bringing the salon sliding back into ordinary optics.
The handrails on the exterior skin salon I've also removed (Torn pants).
I want to get ahead of the wave system, outdoors but do not over it, because I do not know what awaits me there, and where can I find replacement parts and repair manuals.
It is an oil-filled Steavenrohr with 40mm shaft sealing rings and a separate oil tank is mounted below the salon floor. 've Spent hours on the web but found nothing, Matze from Hamburg could not help me. Of you who has ever broken this wave system, Photos of the decomposed plant material or?
Am glad for every tip.
Would also like the Back to Back seats removed from the Fly and art direction so beach chairs with high back seat and most importantly low slip.

Cindy's owner Lennart has contacted

Furthermore, we have heard from the owner of Cindy, the HD, which we assume is the last, or rather the latest Sweden is based Husky Danen.

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