Husky Dane-bloggen!

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  1. Fun with this blog, have become fond of Husky Dane boats and think strongly about buying a. Has now a Nimo 260 Flight but since we have 2 dogs so I was looking for a boat with a better side deck that would be easier for the dogs ( and us ) to move on and fell for just Husky Dane.
    Would like to have hold of a 900 or 1000 model because. the slightly higher top speed ( longer waterline).
    Tell preferably on appropriate items.
    Experiences of the preform, which is greatly appreciated.

    Roger Engstrom


    • Hej Roger
      Still looking for a Husky Dane?
      I laid out my HD “Oboj” on the block 12-04-30. If you are interested you can contact me on mob: 0708-258368. You can get many more pictures than those on the block. The reason we are selling our boat, we moved from Hudiksvall to Gothenburg. The opportunity to berth in GTB is virtually negligible. It can be rented in the alternative, if one is willing to pay scandalously much for your site. Then, the problem was the boat will be on winter.

  2. Perfect dog bones, know both me and Olle & Monica Carlberg who owns "Moby Dick".
    In the case of semi-finished so at least I do not have any idea if it is true that Remaljerings Selskabet presents on its website:
    Does not seem to be reasonable prices.
    And what 1000 model so it teaches only be four hull made - so far…
    850 is not difficult to modify with integrated swim platform. Do not know if these are manufactured anymore, However, the. But that's what this site is for, to find out such.
    Welcome to the club, it's free.

  3. Hi all!
    Remaljerings Selskabet sold two pieces integrated swim platform that was installed after the HD85 and HD85 Moby Dick Cheroma in Almösund påTjörn years 2007-2008.
    Reportedly, when the price was about 50000:-/st.
    The retrofit swimming platform was both stylish and practical, but the extended waterline allows enough, not much extra speed. 'm Not sure, 've only had Moby Dick with integrated bridge, Moby Dick marchar men på ca 7,5-8 knob with Ford 80 HKR vid about 2712E 2000 lap.

    • Would think that it can do more than 1 knots on the marsh speed and maybe a little more on top. But that is the question whether it is worth the money if you are writing went to 50.000:–you get a lot “fun” additional equipment for that money, or for that matter almost an engine overhaul.


  4. Are you saying that there should be a finished “Extension” consisting of an integrated
    jetty? Mkt. interesting in the case means that the hull is extended, certainly quite doable if you have worked a bit with plastic and know how to do.
    The. preform so prices are in there somewhere as I understand- do you think they are unreasonably high or…….? But uj uj so much work + costs for motor, boxes, control locations, etc.. mm. mm. and also ensure that the job look professional out so that the boat is merchantable for a reasonable price the day it becomes necessary.
    Meeen particular idea has of course meant, believe, however, it is a sensible idea to buy a beg. in good condition and any. afford the little care and new parts.


  5. Hi, I own Cheroma same as MOBY DICK we built on the boats at the same time and my experience is about 20% better off / Economy.
    Cheroma do at 1800rpm 7,5 knots and about 5 – 6 liter / hours.
    I think that the shape remains.

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  7. Hey, it was Tommy on Cheroma again, I forgot one thing when I bought Cheroma as I named it, was her name Lazy Lady from Karlstad.
    Heat växlarn was totally out of, and I began kontrolera some things.
    One discovery was that there was a gas alarm earlier, but the cable was cut off.
    I got in touch with Patriksson Diesel Service and he mounted Temperature censors on the machine and then we went out and drove.
    And the gist of it all was to make the exhaust more, so it was switching to a heat exchanger connected to the exhaust loaf and a new hose, etc..
    There was more power at lower revolutions. And when I asked if I built the bridge, there were only 90 degrees on the exhaust bends to buy the exhaust pipe must be placed on the side of the aft cabin, so it had to be one's own production of 45 grader, it was good but tight on space in the bunk in the aft.
    Commenting on the, We also had a Finnsailer 29 before Huskyn it is fun for both boats, there are not many of.
    MVH Tommy

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