Short summer coming to its end

Terrible what few Husky Dane I met for several weeks bustle spirit in the Stockholm archipelago. Doris in thong port and one I did not see the name of (s picture) because I did not dare me to the bridge, given that I did not really understand buoys. Location is NW Björnö (see Eniro chart at the bottom) between Ingaröfjärden and Nämndöfjärden. It is a very narrow channel and can add to the first lagoon north of the Isthmus. We are attracted to because Skärgårdsstiftelsen.

Continue into the To-islet, there is a bridge with fixed moorings where this boat is photographed.

Because of the wrong wind, we chose to eat breakfast inside the Torpe- Infjärden, but found that there is Anchoring. But what does it matter when you have such a good boat that you can mimic Waxholm boats…

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