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Morgan Olsson, which has no less than two boats, Omo 85 ”Sara IV” currently located in the Mediterranean Sea, and Husky Dane 85 "Julax", delivered by an article he had published in the newspaper odyssey (read this).

Now complement Morgan with two travelogues from 2011. Here, the first, No. 21. (Click here to read No 22.)

Travelogue 21
The 22 August last year, we raised Sara IV of Kreusch in Schweich lagging Moselle. After elk hunting last year we visited the yard to get some odd jobs, M was a bit keen on the Island Gypsy 36 who stood at the yard, but after careful consideration, we refrained, our old lady can go a few more years on the canals. In February it was time for another visit, it was a trip with sleet to Bremen and biting cold in southern germany. Once in the yard waiting surprises unfortunately not the pleasant kind. Although we agree that the yard would wash and polish the boat and remove the propeller in August was nothing done. They would also charge the batteries around the New Year, but even this was "away söpet" so there were three empty and the ground frozen batteries and € 500 down by the drain. Coverage was done but for what the boat looked like the war in the tarpaulin, which broke the illusion of German ordnung, thumbs down for this horn player.

11/4. Departure day started with wine tasting (M got spit this time) before lunchtime drove south to Lübeck. When we arrived at the yard the next day, only to find that the tarpaulin was there and nothing was done to the boat. The yard excused himself but when K pointed out that we have made three orders plus email they started believe it was seriously. Eventually moved the boat and shipyard shook up some Eastern European who took the cover notice and began panning the boat but what helped the inveterate shit. Tomorrow we have to get the boat so clear that it is possible to launch otherwise it will not be until Monday. 1

13/4. Friday 13:e was equally djävlig as the most superstitious can imagine. The boat can hardly be called vårutrustad it had to be the "kalles way" this time as we have in the lake in the evening and I can not enumerate the current version of the litany of suffering! K opened despite a really shitty day a bottle of bubble that we enjoyed on the balcony overlooking the Moselle wrapped in blankets, no excessive heat here is not!

14/4. The day started with replacing batteries a not entirely simple procedure when new had the same dimensions as the old. They took two new shelves, replacement of most of the cables and the battery ended up in SB side outside the engine compartment. The job is lying on his stomach took all day and yanked hard on M:'s old body.

15/4. Now it was time to make the boat habitable and we could after mattvätten and the exterior panning note that our 399 crowns high pressure wash from Biltema actually met expectations. The short test ride went well and no old age ailments came forward. In the evening, we decided weary as two residential homes that went back to the hotel room and stay one more night and retire tomorrow.

16/4. We came away after lunch and provisioning at the first lock of Trier was a 180 m double barge ahead of us so there was the 1 ½ hour wait drifting in the river. When we passed a small island in the river, we saw just 30 meters a splendid wild boar rooting in 100 kg class. Unfortunately, not rifles on board, the boar had passed meat need for rest of year. We found a berth in Beurig few miles north of Saarburg where we tied, boat club was not open but there was power on the dock and it's good when the temperature will drop towards zero at efternatten.Voltmätaren has haunted during the day, it remains to be seen whether it is time to replace the alternator, but why the former was in the 17 year.

17/4. It was a cold night, the electricity was turned off at 21 o'clock and the voltmeter now revealed 11,5 V dared not run the heater anymore. During double duvets we endured the frigid night, when M went up on the morning side drop boxes of moisture and it was 2 degrees in the wheelhouse. Troubleshooting gave notice that the batteries were still 12.8 V, straps adjusted, connections were checked and it was found that the fuse for laddningsreläet had ärgat, little cause great effect. Shivering took us breakfast before we departed and could enjoy both once the heat and radiator- heater. Vinbönderna had just come up on the slopes of the day's work, along this part of the Saar is most forest and get vineyards. At noon, when the sun proved, we stop in Mettlach a city filled with various outlets. Today's stage was 45 km and 3 locks before we searched night harbor in Dillingen. The nights up here in the mountains will continue to call just a few degrees above zero, electrical connection chew 50 quarters worse than a slot machine.

18/4. The night gave us rain but plus degrees and went off comfortably radiators shielded from the cold and supplemented with the fan on the back burner it was enough to keep the temperature tolerable inside all night. After retirement, we made a brief stop in Völklingen a dead industrial town with Turkish Mosque.
The part of the Saar today we traveled through, we could have been without, it consisted mostly of large industrial complexes some of the time and most of defunct. After 2 locks and 34 km we moored along a stadskaj in Saarbrücken where there was a power pole.

19/4. Liggedag in Saarbrücken, which is a nice town, it gave time for some maintenance, restaurant visits and K went a perfect round so not your kids need to go naked.

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