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Morgan Olsson, which has no less than two boats, Omo 85 ”Sara IV” currently located in the Mediterranean Sea, and Husky Dane 85 "Julax", delivered by an article he had published in the newspaper odyssey (read this).

Now complement Morgan with two travelogues from 2011. Here, the first, No. 22. (Click here to read No 21.)

Travelogue 22

After we sent last travelogue awaited new adventures to be discovered in connection with the painting of machine. When CVA knot would be painted bolts were loose on one side and 1 absent on the other hand, it turned out that it was interrupted. Where to get hold of an M12 Allen screws in this city that lacked hardware it got taxi to the Bauhaus out of town, but range finished in M10, it had to be a M12 bonnjärn with 4 trays that hopefully keeps the autumn.

20/4. On a rainy morning and we went up to the town and visited an inter cafe plus a few other shops before we departed in the pouring rain. The German part passed off well in and at Gudingen we got a box to the French semi-automatic locks. When sluice No 30 it was time to resolve the vignette for French channels we took one for 16 dagar á € 74, This was an opportunity to stock up diesel that we did not foolishly when we trusted channel map. At the lunch stop in Sarreguemines, we could fill water.

In Zetting we met Majesty of The Seas or rather a very well made 1:10 copy of the vessel.

We moored in Wittringen after 30km and 9 sluices, in society was nothing but the canal was restaurant la Victoria where we ate very good ribs in the evening.

21/4. Early on the bread once the car was coming 07:30 (French time) Madame came a little later and we were able to shop from her well-stocked shop. The port has no facilities but the shower had to be at the nearby restaurant staff shower. We can confirm that we are quite alone in this part of the Saar we've only seen a charter boat so far. We moored in heavy rain and thunderstorms in Mittelheim port has not opened yet, so water is not running but the electricity takes them well paid for € 1/hour we are hopefully moreover self.

22/4. At 1:a lock, there would be a bakery and K trotted off and there was a bakery at least 1km away. Rain was released bursts of hail mixed with rain and some Solglimt. In Houillons there would be good facilities and there would be diesel but it was 4 years ago. As this was the last port in a Saarkanalen we decided to remain overnight.

Arzervillertunneln 2305 meter.

23/4. This port included baguette in service so we departed after having downloaded the ordered baguette it was mostly cloudy during the first hours. Any diesel was not after our way and we get enough to Strasbourg on the vapors if needed. The first tunnel was 450m second 2305m followed by a hebewerk Arzeviller a modern design that quickly took us down 44meter. When sluice 26 we announced our onward journey and lockage worked decently and we moored for the night in Saverne.

24/4. We turned up at 1:a lock when it was 6 charter boats and a barge on thorns before. M pulled away with 50L container for a total stud 1 miles away to be sure that the fuel would last until. Since developed day to be grumpy, this part of the canal served by barges we met 9st and had 2 ship on the same as all prevails. Furthermore morning charter boats that lay before and when they do not wobbled around in the channel that drunkards had monumental problems getting in and out of the locks. The day consisted mostly of stop and wait at each lock, to cheer us up further was the technical failure of a part of the locks. In short, it was no fun day, a small compensation was that we salvaged 3st healthy "Le Boat" fenders as charter boats lost. The plan was to arrive at a port of Souffelweyersheim and we were promised to get there but at 20:30 time they turned on the switch and we were lying between two locks "in the middle of nowhere". We made an illegal mooring in a private port which within walking distance was a barbecue restaurant that we took supper at, and later tired and with aching limbs back to the boat.

25/4. We woke up to a sunny morning for once and our mooring in the middle of nothing went well without interference. Today's gating was tough after the six charter boats but by lunchtime we moored in Strasbourg at Koejak where we leave Sara IV for about 2 months. Here's hoping we get connected to us on the internet, it was 7 days since last time, and we have certain withdrawal. Tomorrow we travel by train to Schweich to retrieve the car and slowly take us home via including Paris.

Greetings Kerstin & Morgan


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