Very boats will be…

There I was not really right, which Morgan Olsson indeed sort out in his speech. Morgan has thus “Sarah IV” the Mosel and “Julax” in Sweden.

I am confused “Sara” and “Daisy”, the latter boat is owned by Lennart Lundin. So now it was probably right and I am right in my last post.

Now we have another member, Tommy Thompson with “Cheroma” from Almösund in Tjörn where “Moby Dick” was before she ended up in the lake and Vadstena. Both boats were apparently integrated bathing while. Read Tommy's post here.

It's great that so many people already have found to this page. But please, We want to know more about your craft and see pictures. It seems cumbersome to write directly on this site and post your pictures, it is a bar to e-mail so do jagupp material.

Moreover, it was a nice pick weekend in Vadstena.

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