Spirits Up


I think my Husky Dane is the only one in this country and I understand that it has been here since new. The previous owner had it for 13 years and prior to him I believe there were at least two other owners.
I keep the boat at a small boatyard in Gosport, a small town on the west side of Portsmouth Harbour. She’s moored alongside on a pontoon but although its great to be able to get on board whenever I want to, it’s a drying berth. In other words, she’s only afloat for about 2 hours each side of high water. The rest of the time she sits on the mud! Because of this I have to plan ahead for when I want to go out in her.
We mainly sail her around the Solent, the stretch of water between the mainland and the Isle of Wight but try to avoid weekends when the Solent becomes ridiculously busy! Fortunately, as I’m retired it’s not too much of a problem. I know the the previous owner, Chris, took the boat across the English Channel ( although the French would of course call it La Manche!) to France couple of times but said it it rocked about a lot! I don’t think Klauss Baess designed them for too much open water work.
I would very much like though to take the boat across the Channel and I think it’s the perfect design for the European rivers and waterways. At the moment, however, we have too many other commitments which is a pity.
Since I bought the boat I’ve carried out a few modifications, the main one being the installation of a bow thruster which has improved close quarters work immensely. Mind you, they’re not the easiest boat to steer when going astern! I was very interested in the modification to the rudder shown on the Club website and will try it myself, hopefully, during the lay-up next winter.
I’ve also upgraded the battery charging system, removed the original 2 burner hob, modified the galley area and fitted a gas oven/grill with 2 burner hob. Also replaced the saloon upholstery and slightly increased the size of the double bed in the aft cabin.

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  2. Ciao,
    Qualcuno ha esperienza di installazione di Bowprop su un danese husky?
    Sarà uccidere il serbatoio dell'acqua o è possibile salvare la?
    Sinceramente Andrzej Idzikowski, Adina 2 070/1490302

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